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Authorities from Villanueva de Gállego visits the Making Mask factory

The Villanueva de Gallego city council of succeeded with the free distribution of mask to the residents.

Last december, the Villanueva de Gállego city council, bought 33.000 masks, model MM BIO reusable, that were distributed for free to the population, an innovating initiative that was really welcome.

Responsible authorities from the city council, with the Health and Social Care representant, Frinnette Reynoso, visited the Installation sited In Zaragoza, to explore first-hand the manufacturing facilities.

Frinnette Reynoso explained that the Investment was really positive, the residents In Villanueva has had a premium protection during weeks, thanks to the reusable masks that has a long lifetime.

She told, that one of the reasons to choose MM BIO masks was the environment respect, because there are reusable masks.